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Guimberley - 31 mountain bike loops to find in Guimberley

Guimberley – 31 mountain bike loops to find in Guimberley

  • 1 Around the country of Kimberley
  • It is 163 km long, offers a steep slope of over 2,600 m and crosses ten of Gimberley’s sixteen municipalities. Loop n ° 1 offers a long trip to the country of Kimberley for mountain biking enthusiasts. “It makes you discover the territory,” notes Pascal Bosek, vice president of the Guimberley community. Also allows “closer to the hotel page”, said David Foyle, director of the Department of Tourism and Country Arts and History. This ring between land and sea is featured prominently in the 42-course document jointly published by the Lorient Aclo and Gwimberley community. Ways are found in the Rando Bretagne sud application, which, from 2018, has allowed pedestrians to download trails. “We can download GPX files.” This format allows exchanging GPS integrations.

  • 2 A new course in the Toulfoën forest
  • This is a novelty for 2021: 12.3 km in the Toolphone forest in Gwimperley. A family course, its path was found with ONF and was created to “channel flows”. In total, 31 courses are accessible in Gimberley. All municipalities have passed, except Mellac, Le Druvex, Arzano, Gilligomark and Bay. 4.5km (Pannalek) to 30km (Querian) rounds are blue (easy) to hardest (Scare) or Moylan-sur-Meril the hardest, taking the other six loops provided with this 59.4km hoop. In the city. Courses like Tremevan or Locunole are sometimes very sporty, but want to be accessible even with landscapes like Toulphone or Moylan, some of which offer beautiful views of the ocean.

  • 3 FFC labeled loops
  • The proposed lanes are named the French Cycling Federation (FFC). Guarantee of quality and safety. “All rounds are subject to censorship,” Pascal Bosek notes. Maintenance, markup, risk, everything is there. The Kuimberley community relies on the Kemberley Yvonne team, a Guimberlois Mountain Biking Club that brings its expertise. “An essential monitoring role”, recognizing the elected officer. Especially “every year, this label is called to the game”. Roads sometimes use private land. Maintenance is the responsibility of municipalities, with the exception of loop n ° 1, which is overseen by integration.

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  • 4 best integrated markup
  • These routes are not exclusively reserved for mountain bikers. “The loops are open to all practices,” Pascal Bosek recalled. So the exclusive markup was established. In order to reduce visual pollution, information squares are smaller and better integrated into the landscape. Highly recommended markup to follow and respect. “There is a logic of security,” notes David Fouley. Answers to requirements: height difference, risk, technology, multiple practice.

  • 5 Privileged goal
  • Targeting athletes and those who want to find the field in a different way, these courses demonstrate the charisma of the region. “Kimberley Country is a place for outdoor sports,” Pascal Bosek insists. This applies to water sports, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking. A discipline that can be practiced without a license, according to the mood of the moment.


    Mountain bike route map is for sale at all Tourism Office offices in Guimberley and Lorient Countries. The Rando Bretagne Sud app is available for free download.

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