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Exclusive PS4, PS5 and PC -'s new game trailer

Exclusive PS4, PS5 and PC –’s new game trailer

வழிதவறி, Exclusive PS4, PS5 and PC Shown fresh during the Annapurna Interactive Showcase Game Trailer This interesting cat shows adventure. The game will hit stores in early 2022.

Alone, lost and far from his family, a Cat An ancient mystery must be traced to find a way to escape from a cybercity and get home.

A cat is a third-person adventure set in the entanglement of the ruined city’s elaborate neon streets and the dark places of its dark belly. The 4-foot perspective gives the whole game a different perspective because it will have to go across the district at different heights to protect itself from unexpected threats and at the same time reveal the mysteries of this residential space.

This section of the game shows good work done from a technical and artistic point of view. The rest has to do with the madness of an adventurer who lived without special powers or skills in the role of a cat, despite the world around him being dangerous creatures and having difficulties to overcome.

Fortunately, the protagonist, by the way, befriends a small flying drone known by the acronym B12. With new help Company, Both will find a way.

Stray created Bloodwell Studio, A small group originally from the south of France, apparently prefer cats.

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