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Green Boss Super, when it is valid and how to download - Chronicle

Green Boss Super, when it is valid and how to download – Chronicle

Bologna, 27 November 2021 – Eight more days to the small revolution that will bring the new Govt e rules It will change our lives. This time it will not be the color changes of the regions (but they will enter from Monday Yellow Zone Friuli Venezia Giulia) But above all it clearly distinguishes between vaccinated and non-vaccinated. The Super green bass, In fact, it is unique to those who have been vaccinated or who have just recovered from Govt disease.

Super Green Boss: Since when?

Era ‘Super green bassThe green certificate is issued only to those who have been vaccinated and cured, and is valid until January 15, 2022, but the date may be adjusted depending on the infection.

Regional Colors: Emilia Romagna is in the White Zone. But the data will rise

How do you get it?

Certificate should not be re-downloaded: current valid, but a Verification application update. It is therefore valid to have those who have been vaccinated or cured already. After the third dose, the new one will always be released through the regular channels, the person who has already done the third dose and has already downloaded the new document does not have to do anything more. However, the certificate is not valid for more than 9 and 12 months.

Is Super Green Pass available with the first dose?

Available for those who have been vaccinated in three or two doses or for at least 15 days.

How to get the basic green pass?

Subject to a tampon with negative results, Dura 48 ore If the test is antigenic (i.e. quick done at the pharmacy) or 72 ore If it is a molecule (understand: its results will come in a day or two)

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Things that are allowed and denied to both types of people vary according to the color of the region. Here you can see all the differences. In general, in White area e France, Super Green Pass holders can do everything consistently: from dinner at the restaurant to visiting sports and entertainment venues. People with basic green bass, even in the white area, have to leave dinner outside (indoors) so they can not go to theaters or theaters and go to the cinema or theater. Discos and corporate canteens are also banned. To go to work, the basic document is guaranteed to be adequate Goes to the supermarket. In Red zone, Instead, the closures will return to everyone.

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