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Les mammouths étaient présents en Amérique du Nord il y a 1,5 million d'années. © Catmando, Adobe Stock

A mammoth ivory was found at a depth of 3,000 meters

During an underwater study off the coast of California, marine researchers discovered a mammoth ivory dating back 100,000 years. Its protection allows the DNA of the sample to be used at low temperatures, away from light.

When operating an unmanned underwater vehicle (often called a ROV) Underwater long-distance vehicle), Oceanographers expect unscientific marine species to observe unprecedented behaviors between creatures or the amazing landscapes designed by life and currents. However, this is not the case Very different from the inventions expected by ROV Western Flyer pilot Randy Brigitte and Dr. Steven Hoddock, Working at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. In 2019, they explored on one level Submarine At a depth of about 3,000 meters, 80 kilometers off the coast of California. Then they saw the shape of an ivory and were amazed.Elephant On their screens. During this trip they were unable to bring it fully to the surface because a piece was broken during the collection, which allowed the team to bring only part of this invention. In 2021, a new trip was made to the same site to bring back the remaining security.

This mammoth ivory is not the first to be found in the ocean. However, the earlier remains of mammoths found in the marine environment (North Sea) are not so deep and their location is not actually more than a few ten meters from the surface.

The remains of previous mammoths found in the marine environment are not so deep

Most of the mammoth remains that were excavated came from it Permanent frost On the edge of the Arctic Circle or Terre Farm, at the level of man-occupied hunting grounds. The presence of mammoth ivory at a depth of 3,000 meters is amazing, especially since its safety level is very good. This will make it possible to get pictures Tomography To do X-rays And perform analysis ADN.

Witness a hybrid between two types of mammoths?

This ivory is about a meter long and once belonged to the Columbus mammoth. Mammootty Columbi. This species is known to be particularly native to North America (specimens found in Arizona, Texas and Florida), Mexico And Costa Rica. Estimates indicate that the breed is four meters high and long and weighs eight to ten tons. According to the thickness Top tile From Do And Manganese Researchers estimate that a person trained in ivory is over 100,000 years old. Analysis is underway to determine the exact age. The DNA analysis Not complete but will provide a better understanding of the evolution of mummies

The first mammoths actually came from Eurasia to North America via the Bering Strait 1.5 million years ago and then hybridized. Wool Uncle When it merged with the United States millions of years later. This Mixed Would have allowed the species to appear M. Colombi The hypotheses are 420,000 years old. If the ivory of the specimen brought from the depths is as old as the researchers think, it will help to determine the age of this hybrid more accurately.

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