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MIUI sur un mobile Xiaomi

How To Download Custom ROMs To Easily Update Your Xiaomi Mobile

We will explain step by step how to easily download ROMs for your specific Xiaomi mobile. This will only take a few minutes.

ROMs for Android are not as popular as they were a few years ago, perhaps because manufacturers are more compatible when releasing updates and adding upgrades and new features. However, some users continue to use them. If you are one of them and own a Xiaomi mobile, in this article we will give you the trick to download custom ROMs for your particular model very easily.

These operating systems were very popular because they allowed users to access multiple functions to customize the interface, remove annoying plotware, and access the latest versions of Android or the latest security updates. Although they are not used as before, there is a trick to download custom ROMs for your Xiaomi mobile, which we have found below.

With this simple trick, you can download custom ROMs for your Xiaomi mobile.

How To Download Custom ROMs For Your Xiaomi Mobile

Updates to the PC are generally not one of the most positive aspects of Xiaomi smartphones because the company is not one of the fastest companies to come up with new versions. However, there is a way to easily update your phone with an application developed by the brand. Its name is MIUI Downloader and it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Instead of searching the internet for newer versions of your Xiaomi operating system, you can access them directly through this app. There is only one negative detail: there are ads on the MIUI downloader, and they are very annoying. Beyond this problem, you can deal with it with a little patience, the application will give you many benefits.

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MIUI Downloader also gives you direct access to your ROMs for Xiaomi, as well as let you know if your mobile will receive updates for Android 12 and MIUI 13. Thanks to this site, updating the phone to the latest versions available is very easy. Next, we will explain step by step how to download ROMs in MIUI Downloader:

  1. Open the MIUI Downloader on your Xiaomi mobile.
  2. In the list on the Start screen, find your mobile name and click on it.
  3. At the beginning of the section for your mobile, this is the Redmi Note 7 in our case, you will find all the downloadable ROMs. Select the one you want to download and tap it.
  4. To download ROM, follow the steps. If it is official, it can be installed directly from the MIUI downloader. Otherwise, you will be taken to the download website and you will need to take the necessary steps to install the ROMs on Android.

How To Download Custom ROMs To Easily Update Your Xiaomi Mobile

Thanks to this Xiaomi app, accessing ROMs for your mobile is very easy. To find out all that MIUI Downloader has to offer you on your mobile, we recommend that you scrutinize it. In addition to the trick we explained to you, it also allows you to easily update Xiaomi applications installed on your terminal. In short, a complete application that you should try.

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