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How to upload custom images on WWE 2K22

How to upload custom images on WWE 2K22

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WWE 2K22 is currently downloaded on all platforms, and players are wondering how to download custom art, renders and designs. The game supports a number of sites, including a shared library of social creations that allows players to upload personalized cosmetics to each superstar.

To download custom images and renders, visit the official WWE 2K22 website at Sign in with your operating system details and select Upload Images. Start your game and go to Social Creations in the Online tab. Players can upload up to 50 pictures to the library. Select Image Manager to access all the images downloaded from the website.

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Similarly, players can download custom renders through the official website. However, some required parameters must be respected. For example, Render must have no background and must be uploaded as a custom portrait with 512 * 512 resolution.

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To play with this Create A Wrestler (CAW) feature, wrestlers are not required and players can add iconic characters. To check out the most voted and downloaded designs, visit Community Creations.

Famous wrestlers from Sting, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, John Maxley and many more can be downloaded here. Players can download various championship belts, arenas and show move-sets from community builds. You can check all the templates uploaded in the Image Manager tab.

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