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Granblue Fantasy Relink announced for PC with exciting trailer

Granblue Fantasy Relink announced for PC with exciting trailer

And Announcements about Granblue Fantasy Versus Not particularly thrilled when Granblue Fantasy Fes 2021, Media Return Off Granblue Fantasy Relink What to him Excess Community as much as possible. The last time I heard of it was a year ago, Which Action-RPG Scheduled for 2022 release for PS4 and PS5 only. Well, if growth is good and the release year in the planned global release has not changed, Psychemes This time adds the PC version Steam ! This time the teaser was released as a prelude Final rendering, in terms of graphics, with detailed facial expressions for the characters.

In addition to this wonderful preview, the chart shared last year brought with it many elements, starting with the identity of the mysterious character already dressed in yellow. Hence it is called Roland So a citizen Jocagrande, The heavenly realm where this adventure takes place, Located chronologically after the current events of the main story Cranberry Blue Fantasy. In these heavens he will be the companion of our group, which we will discover for the first time and not under their influence. The real king.

That has been reiterated Granblue Fantasy Relink is a Action-RPG Solo and narrative as far as its main plot is concerned, with up to 4 players collaborating on its quests It opens as the adventure progresses, so it offers two different game modes. History can live in hardship Easy, Is normal And Difficult We have the opportunity to customize our team members and collect as many treasures as we wish. Online lobbies are located in cities and allow you to interact with others Skypheres Create a team before tackling a quest. However, they can also be achieved alone Bots Controls our allies. Content Post game Will be provided in this way.

That was recalled So we can play Good, Digita, கடலினா, The, ராக்கம், Eugenics, Rosetta, Lancelot, Van, Percival And Seakfried, But with Charlotte And Yodarha ! And there will be others, maybe even one Trophy, See who it is …

Granblue Fantasy Relink 33 12 12 2021 Granblue Fantasy Relink 34 12 12 2021

The Official site Relaunched with details about the world and the characters (in English), if you do not know the license, do not hesitate to check. Views are available on the following page. Finally, the release date Granblue Fantasy Relink A priority will be given only later To live 8th Anniversary in February. If the universe Cranberry Blue Fantasy If you are interested, the manga starts again with the beginning of the main story Is for sale Fnac.

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