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"Much Fullerp": Berlin's Greens agree to coalition agreement - Berlin

“Much Fullerp”: Berlin’s Greens agree to coalition agreement – Berlin

The continuation of the red-green-red alliance in Berlin is another step closer. At their party conference on Sunday, the Berlin Greens voted overwhelmingly for a coalition agreement negotiated by the SPD, the Greens and the Left. 96.4 percent of delegates voted for the government program.

“Thank you for agreeing to this coalition agreement with such a majority,” said Nina Starr, the outgoing co-chair. “This is a good foundation for the next five years.”

Delegates also nominated party employees to the future Senate. According to state board proposals, the best candidate would be Bettina Zarash, mayor and senator for the Department of Environment, Transportation, Climate and Consumer Protection, while Daniel Wesner will take over as finance senator and Ulrik Cote will take over the health and science portfolios.

86.9 per cent people agree with this staffing schedule. “I’m very excited about this decision and the confidence it shows,” Pettina Jarash said. “We will do everything we can to live up to this belief.”

Talks about the coalition deal from the party leadership and the grassroots showed the text of the talks and the joy and pride of future Senate positions. “We’ve got three big design congressional seats,” Jarash said.

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It was ridiculed that the Greens asked for more buller buses to Berlin. “There’s a lot of fullerboard in this deal, too.” It is nothing more than a transfer to a future city.

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Outgoing co-chair Werner Graf also stressed the party’s new importance in the future coalition. “We’re not shirking responsibility, we’re putting something aside, we wanted to shape this city,” Graf said.

“Tasks are big”

In his speech, the senator for finance, Daniel Wesner, pointed out the key challenges facing the party and itself in its new role in the Senate. “The missions are big. From that we and I have to grow together.”

He declared that he no longer had faith in the Berlin budget and the staff of the financial administration, and added to the party: “We too will have to discuss one or the other. I have to put a lot of pressure on you.”

The Greens voted And the new State Board at the same time. The new leaders are Susanne Mertens and Pilmon Kirmai. Mertens received 68.9 percent of the vote against Anja Engelmohr.

Grimai achieved a 94.3 percent approval rate without an opponent. Mertens, the district chairman of Steglitz-Zehlendorf and chairman of the BVV’s parliamentary committee, will represent the party’s Realo faction in the future. Neukölln Ghirmai, president of the district association, leads the regional association for the left.