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The reeling with the trailer is back

The reeling with the trailer is back

You have had a good year doing something Granblue Fantasy: ReLink I heard. Now Action RPG is back with a new trailer.

In Granblue Fantasy: ReLink Dragon Knights – Lancelot, Van, Percival and Siegfried – meet people with unique skills and arts. With the power of the boss enemy of the ancient dragon, a unique multiplayer game awaits you here, in which battles are formed through cooperation between the characters.

In addition, they promise beautifully designed landscapes that do not deliberately strive for photorealism, but score with details and objects, for example, allowing the air to be felt from the deck of the aircraft. You are visiting for the first time Granblue Fantasy: ReLink Struggling through beautiful cities and vast mountains you can find a lot on this trip.

In addition, the characters are accurately translated into 3D, complete with light and shadow techniques such as painting. The writing patterns and their fitted weapons are carefully designed to be appreciated from every angle. Equal care has been taken in the facial expressions to ensure that the entire cast is lively throughout the adventure.

Granblue Fantasy: ReLink Will continue to appear next year for PS5 and PS4.

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