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Google has not updated its apps for iOS - fear of privacy labels?

Google has not updated its apps for iOS – fear of privacy labels?

Google hasn’t updated a lot of iOS apps in almost two months. This is unusual because it happens almost every week in early December. Audiences doubt the reason for this Among Apple’s new guidelines, released on December 8:

Information about data security in the App Store

From December 2020, developers will be required to provide information on how your data is being used – for example application data, contact information or location – and whether this data is being used to track you. Before loading, you can view these self-generated notifications at any time on the app’s product page in the App Store. This is part of an ongoing effort to provide greater transparency and control over your data. Apple will update this feature and work with developers to help users make informed decisions.

Some Google Apps are already on strike – no updates

Google wants to update, already signaling this in January, When we first reported about it. However, this has not yet happened. Unlike Facebook, they collect less data because you want to buy some time and change some apps. Or you want the smoke around the new command to be a little coastal. The exact background is unknown.

However, some users received a message saying that some applications require Google login and the application needs to be updated. These include Gmail, YouTube, Google, Google Maps, Google Photos and Google Drive. Google has now fixed the issue with the server update and removed the warning. However, an update to the app is not available.

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Is Google afraid of Apple’s privacy label and potential criticism? What do you all say? Let us know in the comments.