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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: S21-Features Tank Update

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: S21-Features Tank Update

Samsung is updating the features of the Galaxy S20 FE5G Galaxy S21 to One UI 3.1.

D.He received the update for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 2020 Android 11 in December. It was one of the first devices to be fitted with Samsung’s new firmware and One UI 3.0. While the company is still in the process of delivering updates to all models, the Galaxy S20 FE can now expect new functions for the second time.

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Minor changes to the Galaxy S20F

The Galaxy S20 is the first model in the FE5GS20 series to be equipped with One UI 3.0. This version was previously assigned to the new Galaxy S21 and includes some minor changes. Among other things, Google’s smart home devices can now also be used in Quick Settings, which was previously only possible for devices connected via SmartAudings. Also, location information associated with the image can be removed before sharing. You can start directly from the phone app for more integrated and compatible contacts with the Google Dio update. Video calls also have the option to integrate green screen or blur background. Another function ensures that edited images can be displayed in the gallery. The 1.7 gigabyte update also has several minor improvements. According to the data XDA Developers The update for One UI 3.1 can already be downloaded and installed in this country. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

A UI 3.1: How to install the update

You will usually receive a notification when an update is available for your smartphone. Alternatively, you are actively looking for the latest version. To do this, click on Settings in the software update and then download and install. Checks if an update is available for the smartphone device. If it approves the installation, you only need to start the download by clicking Download. Make sure your device has enough battery charge and if in doubt, connect it to the charging cable. Installation may take some time and battery is serious.

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