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Do you charge your smartphone in the car?  You are wrong

Do you charge your smartphone in the car? You are wrong

The weekend has come and gone, we are ready to go out and enjoy an evening out with friends (the house is strictly closed, giving them running time) but we forgot to load it Skills We feel it before we get in the car Battery Expelled: Not bad, We will reload it In the car Connects to the USB port. Error. Because we avoid this action Car charging process This is not as profitable as you might think.

If we possess Car with USB input This port cannot guarantee enough power to charge our beloved smartphone. The phone will turn off trying to attract more power than is provided by the USB port. In addition, the fee for the car It is very slow Than being at a power station at home. This can damage not only the phone’s battery but also the charger.

As if that weren’t enough, Recharge the smartphone battery This will damage not only the latter but also the car battery. Over there Charges in the car In fact, especially with quick charge systems for fast phone charging, they drain useful energy through the car’s electronics and can turn it off. I have to say that too Forget the parked smartphone It may lock the battery. In short, there is a real risk of staying on foot. This risk does not occur with most recent cars or newer batteries, but for older car owners there may be objective issues with starting the car after recharging the smartphone.

At this point it becomes clear that it is the best Think twice Before you decide to charge your smartphone in your car: either remember to charge it before going out, or wait until we come to friends’ houses and ‘wipe’ their power socket.