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Instagram: 10 extensions pour profiter du réseau social sur le web !

Instagram: 10 Extensions to Use Social Networking on the Internet!

The web version of Instagram is not always easy to use. However, be aware that there are very practical extensions Makes it easy to use social networking on the Internet. MCE TV reveals 10 of them below!

Instagram Web: What are the benefits?

For many, using Instagram on their smartphone is annoyingDue to all ads.

In fact, they always revolve around between two releases. To avoid seeing them in your feed, There is a very practical solution : Use of the web version of Instagram.

Yes yes! It filters out all ads and release suggestions. Not useful! The smaller the bonus, the bigger your computer screen. Thus, it can function better See photos and other publications.

Also available in the web version Extensions Like Google Chrome. Or Microsoft Edge for example. These upgrade the Insta operating system.

You can too Make changes as desired. This is not possible on your mobile. MCE TV therefore reveals 10 solutions to use social networking on the internet!

Video control

On your mobile, it is not possible to pause the video on Insta and restart it at any time. You The video cannot be rewinded or forwarded.

However, this is possible in the web version. Then you have a control menu, which is very useful Below is the video you watch.

This allows you to move forward or backward as you see fit. Further! You can fully play the video Screen and download it to your computer. Isn’t that good!

Instagram: 10 Extensions to Use Social Networking on the Internet!

Very effective extensions

Night status

This is an element that is present in a smartphone. But for the web version, it is best to download Night Mode for the Insta extension. She offers Dark mode that pleases the eyes.

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We unanimously say that Instagram is the version for the internet Big screen not upgraded.

So the importance of having Layoutify! It increases the number of ads and also shows your preferences. Not only that! This also allows you to remove the bar at the top of the stream.


Story Saver is very useful for storing the ad you want on your computer. Further! It is very easy to use on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp

Download quality images

This is something you can not do in basic use. But in the web version you have The right to the best image quality.

To do this, do not hesitate to copy the version ofImage to clipboard. You can download. Choose yourself!

Add commands

An extension for Insta speeds up the operating system. You can also add adjustments. But a Pop-up player for video content.

Improving the personal news experience

Advanced DM Client for Insta makes it easy Personal Message (TM) Experience.

Mobile layout

If you want to keep your mobile’s Instagram interface on your computer, The live application was created just for you!

See Instagram in full screen

To turn your Insta feed into a fullscreen slideshow, here it is Fullscreen viewer for Insta.

It also removes comments and preferences. The goal is to view only photos and videos People you follow.

Change Instagram Accounts Quickly

For this, Then select the Multiple Instagram Accounts Converter. Oh yes! So you will be very satisfied!