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Gf Vip, Manuel Bortuzzo killed Lulu.  She wants to leave the game because she has a crisis

Gf Vip, Manuel Bortuzzo killed Lulu. She wants to leave the game because she has a crisis

(In the video above, the clarity between Lulu and Manuel)

No need to do this love story. To the extent that he sends the princess (or the presumed one) into crisis, it seems that Manuel Portuzo has no intention of deepening his feelings for Lulu Selassie. Big brother V.P. Let’s just say the latest episodes that took place tonight: the swimmer wanted to sleep with Aldo Montano rather than sleep with that girl, the play began.

Portusso sleeps with Montano, Lulu threatens to leave

As Aldo Montano GF Vip returned home, Manuel Portusso asked him to sit on the bed and sleep with him. This sent Lulù Selassié into complete crisis, and he burst into tears. “I respect your needs, everything you need, your spaces. But I need some things, I do not want to tell you – she told the manual, she pointed out without any problem how she had a real attraction – because I know that. Unpleasant situations arise, you make me. You ‘re leaving, I have a lot of problems, but tonight I wanted to tell you that I want to sleep with you, at the same time I do not want to give you worries, so I shut my mouth.But I feel bad if I do not speak, so I do not know what to do.

Manuel Portusso walks for the first time on the Gf Vip: video and the emotion of rivals

Manuel’s rejection led the woman to think about leaving the game: “I want to get out of here, I want to get out, I told the women – he added – I want to get out because I’m too stressed out. I can not bear them here. I already have my There are so many serious and serious issues in life, do you understand? I want to sleep with you many times, this alone, I just want to be with you “.

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Manuel confronted Lulu’s words and wanted to put an end to it. In fact, the swimmer explained that women tend to lean on her very easily because she sees so much maturity in her experience. “Women looked at me – he said – not only you, but I’m talking about others. I made it clear that it’s not good. We do mature. If I enjoy sleeping with Aldo, I sleep with it. There will be other nights to sleep.

Gf Vip rejects Bortuzzo Lulu because he ruined his shirt: “Please, it costs a lot”

Manuel unloads Lulu: There is nothing outside the Gf Vip

After a while, Lulu’s sisters instructed her to release the little girl. Too bad she seems to have no intention of it and turned to him to ask for attention. “You do not have to give much if you do not want to. I want to be in love with you – he said. Right now you are irritated. I do not want to get around you too much, but I ‘want to focus more. On the other hand, I do not want to stress you out. Before, I’m worried about you, why do you love this face? Please. You know. I want to make you happy. ”

It was at this point that Manuel decided to make the young woman understand that, from experience to Gf ​​Vip, there can be no true love story. “You do not know me, trust me – he blunted – I did not come here with the intention of doing this, I can not come into this area. I do not know what to do at a certain point or I will buy you a pharmacy. […] I do not like to touch. […] I’m fine with you and Aldo and the bed, I love him so much, so to me you are the same.

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