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Really Big Bummer: The Secret Prototype of the Apple iPod Discovered

Really Big Bummer: The Secret Prototype of the Apple iPod Discovered

This is part of the history of technology, which was discovered at the time of the anniversary. Steve Jobs’ iPad was released 20 years ago, a few weeks before that Apple Developer The final technology was tested on a prototype. Now it appears again.

The world’s thickest iPad is on display for the first time

The iPod marks a turning point for Apple as it enters new product categories and storms them. No product marks the transition to a smaller MP3 player with a scroll wheel, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary these days. Steve Jobs Celebrating. On October 23, 2001, Apple’s ancestor released the first iPad with the caption, “There’s room for a thousand songs, it fits in every pocket.” In time for the special day, the most interesting part of development history is now coming out again.

“There are many secrets in the panic archives (which is a wardrobe), but the first thing you see today is something very confusing: the original early iPod prototype,” the app and handheld developer panicked. Website. It offers a unique insight into the way Apple tested its cult product locally just weeks before its launch. Although later components such as the display and scroll wheel can be seen, the houses are significantly larger and thicker than the latter product.

Larger than product …
The iPod prototype was shown in panic… but almost finished inside

The inventor personally clarifies

However, a look inside shows that the prototype is almost entirely airtight, with the built-in technology very close to the production model. The explanation for this comes from the best place one can hear.

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Tony Fadel is considered one of the inventors of the iPod idea, and broadcasts one on Twitter 20 years later The answer to panic Then there’s the well-guarded secret: “This is a prototype P68 / Dulcimer iPod that we made (very quickly) before the actual shape factor design was done. Works (badly) ”.

Apple, emulator, iPod, history, Apple computer
Apple, emulator, iPod, history, Apple computer