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iOS 15.1: The final version is online with SharePlay and ProRes

iOS 15.1: The final version is online with SharePlay and ProRes

This is the first major update of iOS 15, after a series of maintenance releases used to fix it Errors And Security failures Troublesome. iOS 15.1 has many new features that are largely missing from the final version of SharePlay.

Content sharing functionality allows you to enjoy music, movies, TV series via FaceTime – as long as the compatible applications and all subscribe to the same services, while controlling the impact of this innovation. This is not yet available on MacOS Monterey.

SharePlay Preview for Content and Screens Sharing with iOS 15, macOS Monterey and tvOS 15

Another big new feature of iOS 15.1 is ProRes video recording support for the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Camera Pros appreciate but beware, ProRes videos are heavy: ProRes HDR is 1.7 GB per minute in HD and 6 GB in 4K! Good luck changing this to a Mac with Lightning … To enable the option, go to Settings Photo tool > Patterns.

Notice that the ProRes has the maximum registration time in the grip on the right.

This new version of iOS 15 also enables automation from temperature and humidity sensors in the Home Apps! It may not seem big, but it would be very practical.

iOS 15.1: L

iOS 15.1: Home app knows how to build automation based on temperature and humidity

In the audio segment, iOS 15.1 finally supports seamless audio and Dolby Atmos with Apple Music. In HomePods. To use it, you need to install version 15.1 of the HomePod software. Access to the system for enabling / disabling dynamic head tracking is now easier Is directly in the control center.

In the process, Apple will again provide the final versions of tvOS 15.1 with support for SharePlay and WatchOS 8.1.

iOS 15.1: Release Notes


  • SharePlay is a new way to share synced experiences on FaceTime with content from Apple TV Apps, Apple Music and other supported App Store apps.
  • Shared controls allow everyone to pause or start playback or rewind or move forward faster.
  • Smart volume control automatically shuts off the sound of a movie, TV show or song while your friends are talking.
  • Apple TV support allows you to watch shared video on the big screen while continuing to make FaceTime calls on your iPhone.
  • Screen sharing allows FaceTime call participants to view photos, browse the web, and help each other.

Photo tool

  • Capture videos in ProRes format with iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • Set to disable automatic switching to macro mode when taking photos or videos on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Map App

  • Support for Covid-19 vaccination cards allows you to add your verifiable vaccination information and issue cards in use.
Vaccine status registration on Health Apps (left) and cards …
Works on Apple Watch too! But only in compatible countries (here, Canada).


  • Support for Mandarin (Taiwan) and computer translations in the translation application.


  • Homekit compliant triggers new automation based on current measurement of humidity, air quality or light sensor.


  • A set of new preset actions and new games to pass the time with Siri that allows you to create your own animated memes.

This release also fixes the following issues:

  • Photos App may incorrectly indicate that storage is full when importing photos and videos.
  • Weather usage does not show the current temperature for your location; The colors of the animated background may also not be displayed correctly.
  • Audio playback may be suspended from the app when the screen is locked.
  • When using VoiceOver with multiple maps, Maps apps may come out unexpectedly.
  • Available WiFi networks may not be detected.
  • Updated battery capacity calculation algorithms on iPhone 12s to improve battery capacity rating over time.
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