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Funco Pop!  Halo: Limited Edition Master Chief Figure Available!  |  Xbox One

Funco Pop! Halo: Limited Edition Master Chief Figure Available! | Xbox One

Campaign of The halo is infinite Available from December 8 and has allowed many players to immerse themselves in the universe of the series. In addition to the release of the game, several derivative objects were available. Today is the Funco brand and its most popular Funco Pop! Is about to release an image dedicated to MasterCheft in a limited edition for 20 years of ownership.

> Pre-order the statue

> Pre-order the statue + vase bag

Pre-orders will open tonight

Fans of the license can pre-order a copy of this image, which will be available in a bag including a mug and a keychain. It is via direct Xbox Gear Shop That you can order.

Funko Pop Vinyl Image! Exclusive to Master Chief’s 20th Anniversary, Master Chief presents himself in his original MJOLNIR Mark V armor with a unique matte black colorway inspired by the 20th anniversary logo of Hollow. This figure comes in a classic Funco box complete with the Xbox Gear Store’s authenticity sticker.

Pre-orders are now open and international delivery is mentioned. Considering the limited appearance of this version, a maximum of three bundles of the statue can be pre-ordered.

However, keep in mind that shipping is scheduled for April 29, 2022.

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