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These are the "free" games for January 2022

These are the “free” games for January 2022

Shortly before the start of the year, Microsoft finally announced what they were “Free” games on games with gold in January 2022 Available for download. As usual, a total of four topics are waiting for you next month, which you can download. There will be little change on January 16th.

What games are in January at Games With Gold?

We will start with two games on January 1, 2022. One of them is the twin stick shooter Neuro Voyager, which takes you into the world of cyberbank. There is a lot of action to offer. The game has an audio recording from cyberpunk artist Dan Terminus so there should be no lack of proper context.

And from January 1st Das Shoot M Up Radiant Silvergun Games with Gold for download. Development Studio Treasure’s action game first debuted as an arcade version in the 1990s, after which it was shipped to multiple platforms. This includes processing for the Xbox 360, which will be available starting on New Year’s Day.

Offer will be transferred to January 16, 2022: Follow then Das Action-Adventure Ground Such as Classic Reissue Space Invaders Infinity Gene. Here is the relevant trailer with the gameplay footage of the four games:

Games with Gold: The trailer offers “free” games from January 2022

This is how games with gold work

To download these “free” games, Gold membership required with Xbox Live. It currently costs 99 6.99 per month. Alternatively, you can also take a 3 month subscription for 19.99 euros. This gives you access to the multiplayer features of Xbox games, among other things, and you can benefit from special deals.

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They are: Microsoft

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