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New report: Upcoming iPhones without a SIM card?

New report: Upcoming iPhones without a SIM card?

Earlier last week, a Brazilian blog provided information Make the iPhone The iPhone 15 generation will be delivered without a SIM card – at least in some countries and regions. Like the team from Macromers Reports on this topic, it may happen earlier.

Anonymous Whistleblower told MacRumors that Apple has advised major US providers to be ready to launch eSIM-only smartphones by September 2022. Dipster shared a legal document outlining the deadline for the initiative, although the document does not mention Apple or the iPhone.

Dylan (@dylandkt on Twitter) had already commented a few months ago about the removal of the SIM card in the new iPhones. He has now reaffirmed his statement and has complied with the latest rumors.

MacRumors also reports that some providers in the US may start offering some iPhone 13 models out of the box in the second quarter of 2022 without the Nano SIM. Anyone who buys their iPhone at the Apple Store or at Apple in the US will no longer get the Nano SIM, but can activate the mobile phone deal via eSIM. This happens after operating the iPhone and connecting to a WiFi network using the on-screen instructions.

Current iPhones already have eSIM functionality

“Apple is already using the physical SIM card slot in some iPhone 14 models, and not just in some iPhone 15 models,” he said. , ”Said Macroemers. Current iPhone generations already support eSIM usage: The iPhone 13 portfolio, for example, supports multiple eSIM profiles that are used side by side. More than 100 mobile phone providers around the world now offer eSIM services, and the acceptance of charges without a physical SIM continues to increase.

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Offering the full SIM card in the newer iPhone generations will have several advantages: on the one hand, it will create more space inside to maximize battery or install other key components. In addition, the eSIM iPhone without the SIM card slot will have better water resistance. Jonathan “Joni” Ive, Apple’s former design head, dreamed of an iPhone with a seamless design – and it looks like more steps are being taken along this path.