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Fritzbox Laboratory Update Improves mesh display, fax magazine and more

Fritzbox Laboratory Update Improves mesh display, fax magazine and more

Berlin network expert AVM has a new round of laboratory updates Fritzos 7.24 started. There is now a new trial version for both the Fritzbox 7490 and 7590, as well as the cable Fritzbox 6660, 6591, 6590 and 6490.

Owners of one of these routers can download new beta versions immediately. New test lab versions with the Fritzbox 7490 or 7590 or Cable-Fritz Foxon 6660, 6591, 6590 and 6490 are available for download as an online update for volunteer testers or from AVM. Two Fritzbox 6591 cables and 6660 cables are included in the test lab.

The new features of the already introduced FritzJose 7.24 have not been updated. Instead, AVM fixes a number of issues, such as malfunctioning the mobile view of the mesh settings page. There are many improvements and upgrades.

New beta for testing

Newer versions in the test lab include version numbers 07.24-86264 (Fritzbox 7590), 86263 (7490), 86265 (6591 cable), 86228 (6590 cable), 86265 (6660 cable) and 86226 (6490 cable). Information about the laboratory program Tips for beta versions can be found directly on AVM. Newer versions are available for download on the AVM website. The list of changes is very short. We have released the release specifications for the 7590 and 7490 models as an example.

Fritzos replaces 07.24-86264 / 86263

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