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Bruce Springsteen Jeep

Springsteen stopped driving under the influence of alcohol. Jeep unloads it.

New York, February 12 – Everyone was surprised by the result Bruce Springsteen Become a testament to the jeep. The first commercial aired less during the Super Bowl. Now, the carmaker has taken back the business: Boss, in fact, was stopped a few months ago for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Spingsteen and Jeep advertising

News of Springsteen’s arrest for drunk driving was released a few months ago, but was re-released following a commercial broadcast during the Super Bowl. Employer driving a jeep off-road. The Born to Run singer would have stopped most of the time he was born and lived in the US state of New Jersey a few months ago.

Parking for driving under the influence of alcohol

“It is inappropriate to comment on the details of an issue we have only read about, and we cannot enter,” a Jeep spokesman concluded their relationship in a vehicle relationship statement. “But that’s right – we’re still reading – suspending our Big Game business until the real facts are established. His message of community and solidarity is more relevant than ever. There is also the message that drunk driving can never be forgiven. ” To say that business was centered on the “message of unity” for the United States.

Charges against Boss

According to the New York Times, a spokesman for the National Park Service wrote that a man had been arrested for drunken driving, reckless driving and was found drunk in a closed area. The arrests took place in the Gateway National Recreation area, a national park, so now Boss will have to defend himself against federal charges.

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