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Appendix 4 comes with, many changes but incompatible savings -

Appendix 4 comes with, many changes but incompatible savings –

Gateway to Baltur3 Is to update with Appendix 4, Is currently an important step towards the end of the game in the early access phase, which will bring many new features, but it will force Start from the beginning, Because I am Savings are not compatible In the new version.

Lauren Studios has already warned of some questionable time: Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently only one game in full development and a user-run version Create a preamble in the initial accessTherefore, profound changes that need to be made in the code make the fate of the redeemed and the characters created with this version unstable.

No exact time yetExit The official update of Appendix 4, but released by the developers on Steam, speaks clearly and indicates how the link is being implemented, probably with a specific presentation Team from Hell Is scheduled February 17.

During the event, you will find a presentation by Dungeons & Dragons hosted by Jeremy Crawford, followed by Sven Vinke, director of Lauren Studios, and Nick Bechsen, David Valgrave, and various other creators of Baltur’s Gate 3.

Obviously, Patch 4 should be really big, but unfortunately it will not allow the savings launched in the current version to continue. So if you want Avoid new updates Or set it aside for now, you do not want to delete the savings, you can follow this procedure:

  • Right-click on Baldur’s Gate 3 in the Steam Library
  • Select “Properties”
  • Click the “Beta” tab
  • Select Patch 3 from the list under “Select the beta you want to participate in”
  • Close the Properties menu
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This way you should be in Patch 3 except for the update in Patch 4 and sooner or later you will have to upgrade to more later versions. We saw the first 23 minutes of the early access version last October.