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Free Landscaping Software: Best Garden Planners

Have you realized your dream of having your own garden and finally want to start arranging flower beds, shrubs, trees and all the other details? However, what may seem like a simple task at first will suddenly become a challenge for many. In fact, not everyone has the imagination to get an idea of ​​where to plant plants. If you do not want to hire a gardener, fortunately you can count on technology: free landscaping software is your best partner when it comes to arranging, which allows you to visualize your future plan. In this sense, we have compiled a list of natural applications that you can use or download online.

Landscaping software makes it very easy to plan your landscape

Gone are the days of designing landscapes on paper, and software has found its place in garden decoration. The ability to almost edit and add to update your projects is very efficient. You can draw your ideas and share them with your family, friends or experts assigned to do landscaping work.

2D and 3D garden planners are available in several versions. You have free software, apps for smartphone or tablet. Finding the right tool can be just as difficult as planning a garden.

Free landscaping application

What is landscaping software?

Landscape design software can be a downloadable program, application, or browser-based tool that facilitates the layout of an outdoor space, such as a driveway or patio. It can appeal to different markets ranging from homeowners and DIY enthusiasts to landscapers and architects.

Free Virtual Garden Designer

How can natural software help you?

The purpose of landscaping software may vary depending on the user. Some people use this tool to accurately transform their minds from a screen or a sheet of paper so they can imagine what their garden will look like before making permanent changes. This is a big help because you can almost make design decisions rather than real life. This will save you time and money compared to what would happen if you went straight to the physical arrangement of your garden and made a mistake. Likewise, for a homeowner, landscape design software gives you the ability to maximize space by fully considering all your options.

Depending on the software you use, you will get a list of items you can place to see how they look and fit in your landscape. Having everything in perfect proportions allows you to see what works best in your space and what kind of changes you are actually accommodating. Some programs also offer pre-designed templates that will give you a starting point and motivate you.

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Free landscaping software

The landscaping plan will help keep it in order. Some software will guide you to local or online stores that store the materials needed for your project. Some software can even print out a complete list of things to buy, so you don’t forget anything. This list will definitely make it easier to set up a potential budget.

When considering the usefulness of natural software, it is important to understand their limitations. A free tool may not offer many of the features that a paid design tool includes, and there are some things that free software cannot do, but for many, free versions. There are many benefits, for sure.

Virtual Garden Software

Free Outdoor Landscaping Software Virtual Garden

Virtual Garden is relatively simple and free software, but does not have the best graphics. Additionally, it is only available in English. Nevertheless, it is more suitable for home gardener planning because it provides all the basics needed. You can draw your garden or choose from models, and then select the floor. Different types of plants are also available, which allows you to design your flowering plants as a whole. Another simple feature that 3D Gardener offers is that you can finally “walk” through your finished garden.

For virtual garden software

Gardener Gardener

Cardana is a free landscaping software

Gardena’s Garden Planning web application is a functional landscape design tool that is fun and easy to use. In the beginning, you can draw the size and shape of the area you want to design or you can choose a pre-designed template to work with. You can choose your surface material, for example, lawn, wooden deck or gravel. From there, you can drop many elements into your design such as trees, ponds and pools, barbecues, gardeners and outdoor lighting. You can add vehicles to plan every square inch available.

One of the key features of this landscaping software is its ability to plan an irrigation system to keep your plants and lawn happy and healthy. This is a useful tool to customize the appropriate plan to suit the size of your garden.

For Cardana use

Project-A Garden Free 3D Designer

Free Landscaping Software Project-A Garden

Plan-a-Garden is the best home and garden online software that you can use for free after registering only in English. You have the option of designing a 3D garden online on your computer or on your smartphone or tablet. You can visualize and completely rearrange this space or use a photo of this house. Thanks to a brush type applicant, you have the freedom to place and move plants and furniture, garden sheds, fences, fountains, fireplaces and decorations and accessories such as garden man or garden man. Basketball nets. The creators of this project seem to have really thought of everything.

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One of the most interesting features of this designer is the sheer number of plant species he offers, which can be very useful to anyone who wants to be specific about which trees, shrubs and flowers are included in their project. It also provides information on plant care. Another important feature of this app is that you can adjust the climate settings to suit your own local climate. Therefore, the virtual gardener will only recommend plants that are suitable for your conditions, allowing those with less experience in planting or not sure which species will grow best in their area.

The software runs in 3D, but you can switch to overview mode at any time to view the project from a different angle.

One of the things that users appreciate most about this app is the ability to print not only the design template, but also a list of all the items you need to complete your project in real life.

Project-a-garden online application Available here

Dream Plan Home Design Home Layout and Garden in 3D

Free Landscaping Software Dream Plan Home Design

It is a free downloadable design software that is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. It allows users with 3D modeling and floor plans to create designs for the landscape and interior around their home. This is a smart and easy to use program even for those who have no technical experience. It offers a number of features, including importing models to work with and customizing the terrain.

The virtual designer helps the user find the best way to enjoy their space and gives them a clear idea of ​​what their garden will look like when the work is done. Users can add various elements to their landscape such as swimming pools, plants and trees.

In fact, there is a version called Dream Plan Home Design Software Plus, which is available for purchase and is very suitable for people working in landscaping or property design field or anyone who wants to create a more detailed and complex map.

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Dream Plan Home Design

iScape – Landscape Designer for iOS Devices

Free landscaping software iScape

It is the only free downloadable app from the Apple App Store that is only accessible to iPhone or iPad users. It is very easy to use and aims to give homeowners and DIY enthusiasts a rough idea of ​​what their landscape will look like before starting work. This is a great tool to convey to your landscapers or builders a clear idea of ​​the type of decoration you want to achieve in your garden.

The tool will also tell you which products retailers are selling to complete your landscaping project, which can save you time and you may have to browse the internet or local stores.

IScape users appreciate its ease of use and ability to come up with ideas in a short period of time. However, the collection of plants to use is limited, which can be frustrating if you want to plan exactly where to plant the plants.

Access IScape

Best Landscaping Software For 3D Modeling – SketchUp

Free landscaping software SketchUp

Basically, SketchUp was created to act as an extension of your hand, allowing you to draw anything in no time. Users of this project, for the most part, are very impressed with it, and many claim that it is an essential landscaping tool for working in graphic design, decoration, architecture or engineering. Its sharing possibilities are incomparable with the import and export of designs in various formats. Designs can be programmed into 2D or 3D models using any web browser.

However, a powerful processor with program scope is required. Slow settings can make the software look slow and complex. One of the main complaints from users is the inability of the tool with curved designs, in addition to the limited functionality of the free version. Instead of using a single curved line, it creates curves from several smaller lines, which confuses the design you are trying to achieve. In addition, the recorded files are very large and very difficult to upload or send.

Review, SketchUp is known worldwide as the best landscape design software; However, to use it, you need to upgrade to the paid version.

Versus SketchUp