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SUPERMOON is even bigger and soon it will be red! We tell you when and why. Video »

SUPERMOON is even bigger and soon it will be red! We tell you when and why. Video

Day of the event Superluna Has arrived (video above from Athens) and that tooTotal eclipse of LunaHowever, unfortunately, the latter It is unknown from Italy Not so in other parts of Europe.

For those who remember to notice it, they would have seen the moon about 13-14% higher than normal, and therefore with greater brightness (16% more).
Now we can see one Other event, Itself natural, but still attractive. In its rise The moon Even better, Will be red. The reason is the contact of light in the atmosphere with steam or atmospheric dust.
The rising of the moon will take place on Thursday 27th from 21.40 to 22.50 depending on the city where you live.

But what is Superluna? This phenomenon occurs when our satellite is at the full moon phase (full moon) at the same time very close to the earth (perigee).
Moment Perigee took place on May 26 at 3.52am, Instead of the full moon 13.16. May became Supermoon The biggest in 2021Compared to previous supermoons, the satellite reached a very short distance (357,312 km) from Earth.

The word “supermoon” was coined by an astrologer in 1979 (Richard Knowle), which is why it is not well known by the scientific community. , Instead the term “CGC” is used to refer to the alignment of three celestial bodies belonging to the same gravitational system.

Forecast: Thanks to our APP we can say that the weather in Italy is good almost everywhere, that’s whyObserving the red supermoon is practically possible everywhere.

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