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Tifa di luce_cosplay's Cosplay is unique -

Cutthroat Comfox’s Defa’s Caspian Blasphemy – Live 4.Life

Let’s see cosplay of Tiffa Gives Final Fantasy 7, Produced by the highly inspired CutusCummonFox, which, despite being denied towards soft eroticism, leads to slanderous things to be done well. This dress is very precise, though shorter than the original one (not really much), the pose screams only at the fans from each hole. A masterpiece of modernity, it will surely attract admirers of the genre.

Tifa is a beloved character cosplayer, Who can use this to bring out their sexy page while being sexy. After all, this is much loved by fans of Final Fantasy 7, who often prefer the much cleaner Aries.

But for now, let’s stop talking and look at Tiffany’s gossip, written by KafusCommonFox:

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