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Free download for PC among us

Free download for PC among us

  • Between us is now temporarily free
  • It’s available for free at the Epic Sports Store for a week

New free title in epic game store … among us!

You can now save the popular party or multiplayer game for free for four to ten players a week – until June 6, 2021 at 5pm – and then keep it.

You play online or via local WiFi, trying to prepare a shuttle for departure. However, one or more randomly selected soldiers are traitors and intended to kill everyone on board.

Who is the traitor?

As a team member, your goal is to complete all the tasks on board and succeed. You report the corpses and throw the traitors off the ship by calling emergency meetings and voting.

As a traitor, you cause chaos, sneak through the ship and try to outrun the crew. If you can kill all the team members you will win the match.

You can also customize how you want to play, for example by adding more traitors and quests. You can customize your avatar, for example by color, leather and hat.

There is also the option to play on multiple platforms – PC, Nintendo Switch on Android and iOS. There must be enough team members and traitors.

So if you want to get free with us, check it out next Thursday Epic Sports Shop Done.

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