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Reveals Trailer Release Date and Sites -

Reveals Trailer Release Date and Sites –

Today the Sega event dedicated to the world’s most beloved blue hedgehog Sony aired. Presented to the world by a Japanese company Sonic Colors Ultimate With the new trailer showing various game scenes. You can watch the video above! In addition, the Release date and sites.

Sonic Colors Ultimate is coming September 7, 2021 On PlayStation 4, PC (via Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Of course, the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S can also play in backward compatibility. This is a redesigned version of the Nintendo Wii game released in 2010. This is one of the 3D episodes dedicated to Blue Hedgehog that is highly acclaimed by viewers around the world.

Sonic Colors Ultimate

The physics version of Sonic Colors Ultimate includes Baby Sonic Tweet. There will also be a version Digital Deluxe These include early access, exclusive music, cosmetics, exclusive player icons and the Sonic Movie Boost (the exclusive power of Sonic of the Paramount Pictures movie).

Here is the official description of the game: “Join Sonic in this fast-paced adventure! Evil Dr. Ekman has built a gigantic galactic amusement park full of amazingly colorful rides and attractions, but he feeds it with an alien species called “Whispers”. Use Sonic Lightning Speed ​​to free the Whispers and learn the secrets of their incredible powers as you explore the six unique colorful worlds, each full of dangerous enemies and obstacles to overcome. Sonic will be tested in this exciting journey to liberate the Whispers, whose strange powers can be used to deliver special abilities – and with their help and yours, you will surely overcome all obstacles! Now with stunning advanced displays, additional features, new gameplay and advanced gaming – this is the Sonic Colors Ultimate experience.

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The arrival of this announcement was suggested by some leaks since last April, which have now been confirmed. Tell me, what do you think about Sonic Colors Ultimate? Finally, keep in mind that Sonic is Sega’s strongest brand, even without new games in fiscal 2021.