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Fortnight: Unbuilt mode in production?  |  Xbox One

Fortnight: Unbuilt mode in production? | Xbox One

Recent rumors suggest The arrival of characters like Doom Slayer from the Bethesda universe, This is a new big rumor coming to wake up the community Fortnight During the final celebrations this year. In fact, the creator of the content Hypex, Who specializes in Epic Games’ famous Battle Royale, said on Twitter that the new no-built mode is in operation.

Fortnite without construction to update aging formula?

According to these rumors, Epic Games will be producing a no-built mode for its famous Battle Royale, which has been enjoying its success for over 4 years now. Construction is an important part of Fort Knight’s game, but it divides many players. By offering a non-construction Battle Royale, Epic Games will attract other players to the game, with its formula not much changed from the start, at least in terms of the game.

Hypex is not its first rumor about the Fortnight development and upcoming content, all of which seems credible. The Fortnite community has been raising this noise for months, but nothing definite has been shared yet. In fact, none of this information has been confirmed by Epic Games, and we advise you to wait while the tweezers pick up like unconfirmed rumors.

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