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"Dublin system failure": Number of asylum applications in Germany indicates gaps in EU system - Politics

“Dublin system failure”: Number of asylum applications in Germany indicates gaps in EU system – Politics

According to a report, the majority of asylum seekers in Germany are not registered in any EU transport country. Welt am Sonntag quoted the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) as saying, “By the end of November 2021, 53 percent of first-time applicants aged 14 and over had not passed Eurodoc.”

Eurodac is the EU database for international comparison of asylum seekers’ fingerprints. This is to prevent multiple applications in different countries.

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According to Bamf, the fingerprints of 74,837 first-time applicants, aged 14 and over, were compared with the database. Accordingly, there was only one Eurodoc win at 35,245.

Under the so-called Dublin Rules, the first EU country to apply for asylum is responsible for the asylum seeker’s contact with European soil. Germany is not within the EU’s outer borders, so in principle another EU country is primarily responsible for every refugee entering through land.

To Alexander Trom, a domestic political spokesman for the Union Parliamentary Committee in Bundestock, the frequent unrecorded “severely illustrates the failure of the Dublin system.” He told “WamS” that the registration and rejection of asylum seekers in exile is a fundamental requirement for EU asylum seekers. The Transport Lighting Coalition must continue to insist on compliance with Eurodoc regulations, he demanded. (AFP)