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Revealed Steam Worship Success for Switch "Clone Drone in Danger Zone", Xbox One, PS4, Leaving Steam Early Access in 2021

Revealed Steam Worship Success for Switch “Clone Drone in Danger Zone”, Xbox One, PS4, Leaving Steam Early Access in 2021

Developer Dobrook today announced the launch of the Steam-hit clone drone in the Danger Zone for the first time on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and Steam will leave early access in 2021.

What has happened so far

Since its initial access to Steam in 2017, the game has sold hundreds of thousands, received over 8,500 user reviews (currently 97% positive) and collected nearly 30,000 Steam workshop submissions from the community. Over time, it has grown into a virtual playground for a large and passionate community that duels every day at the Clone Drone Robot Arena in the Danger Zone.

About the game

Danger Zone Clone Drone is a third party robot sword fighting game in which any part of the body can be disconnected in a variety of single player, online multiplayer and online co-op modes. As your human consciousness is downloaded on a robot gladiator, you must escape the dark trials of the arena and join the human resistance against the evil robot empire.


  • Unique piece and dice game: Perform each attack correctly in intense physics based battles, in which each part of the body is vocal-precisely separated and each victory represents death

  • Amazing Weapons: Equip your robot with weapons such as flame sword and giant hammer for devices such as jet bags, piston-powered super kicks and fire breathing dinosaurs to match your style of play.

  • Single-Player Achievement: Immerse yourself in an epic story of people resisting robot domination in story mode or try your hand at endless and challenging modes

  • Online Co-op: Use the power of human friendship (and light savers!) To survive in the arena

  • Online vs. Mode: Fight Friends Against “Lost Pot Standing” – Challenge a game mode like 15-player Battle Royale or 1v1 Duels

  • Level Editor: Create your own levels and challenges and share them with others! Explore Rich Workshop Library (Steam Only)

  • Fun Comment: With over 38,000 (!!!) spoken words, CommentTron and Analytics-Bot are constantly commenting on your performance and reacting to your actions.

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