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À découvrir principalement sur la Côte (Boulogne, Calais) et dans la métropole (Lille, Roubaix).

Five Ideas for Walking in the North and Pass-de-Galis


Photo by Pierre Le Mason

« Lily, with a very strong street art identity, symbolizes that artists and associations have been trying to revive relentlessly for decades. 2, Can we study inside? Guide to Street Art in France One especially thinks of the BIAM (Mural Art Final), co-chaired by Renard, which has produced several works in the four corners of the city. The most recent edition, in 2019, is associated with the Lily 3000 Eldorado season and has also spread to Lom-Lampshard, Saint-Andre or Villeneuve-de-Esc. In particular, Lilly, Mimi the Clone, Les Poisons Joint, The Dude Company, Mr. B. Or we should note the frequent interventions of local artists such as Kelu Summary. Events around the Flow and Gliding Hall, hip-hop and high places of urban culture are also seen.

MEL (European Metropolis of Lilies) has put together an interactive map online (Can be accessed here) Allows you to find about 600 works on 20 routes, ten of which are exclusively Lily (stations, Viax-Lily, Grand Balloys – Moulins, Republic – Wasmes, Citadelle, Wobban, Lily-Sood, Boise-Blanks-Lom, Boulevard and Hewlett – Fives). Regular posts on Facebook pages Street Art Lily France And Joint again.


Photo Theory Thoral
Photo Theory Thoral

Vibrant and popular, with a renowned industrial past (“City of a Thousand Chimneys”), the Rupees is ideal for urban experimentation. The XU Festival (dance, music, paintings, etc.) catches on every year (the next edition is scheduled for June) and the main exhibition “Street Generation (s)” was held at the conditional release. »(45,000 viewers in 2017), the next generation (s) continued until 2022, with a major overhaul. The Pile District tracks the passage of various artists, including Wills, Crash, C215, Tarek Benoum, Nasty, Psychos or Remy Ruff, to which new works are added, for example Mr. Wall, Jeff Aerosol or Dead Nomad.

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Street art map can be downloaded from Rupee Tourism Office website (Click here). It has three distinct styles (cattle in the city center; cattle around Kandy; by bike to mix the two). The Tourism Office also offers guided tours on the second Saturday of the month: Rupees Graph Session, 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, 9. Phone. : 03 20 65 31 90.


Photo phrynois flowers
Photo phrynois flowers

Recognized as a street art city less than a rupee, Tourcoing nurtures urban expressions and demonstrates the “diversity of art styles”. Abstract painting (Diopoulos), serial character (Lem, Freaks, Mr. P.), letter, pop culture, stencil, fingerprint, etc. The Tourism Office offers a distance of about 7 km on its website (Here it is) At 24 points of interest, one part of it is concentrated in the center and the other on the side of the union area. The resumption of guided tours with the Tourism Office also includes an area dedicated to street art in the Union Territory: meet on the third Saturday of the month (next tours on February 20 and March 20 from 2:30 pm to 4 pm) on the faade of the former Durgan Liquor, Qui de Anvers. Participation, 5; Booking 03 20 26 89 03 or by email [email protected], group limited to 5 persons.


Photo Guy Tralette
Photo Guy Tralette

In its blind and gray cables, the city has decided to thrive on paintings in recent summers. “A real open-air museum. This is the ambition of the Street Art Festival, which in five editions has created a rich exhibition of 33 paintings that can be admired in all districts of the city, ”we read on the Townhall website. Large-scale, colorful, metaphorical works, some of which are mind-blowing, some of which refer to fishing and the sea (such as Aaronis, not forgetting Jaros, Ru Piderpe, or Case_Mclaim, Rue des Pipots) Wreck Collector, Francis Tottegrain, R. Thiers).

You can download the map from the city’s website (This way), There are three ways to do this on foot or by bike in one hour, two hours or three hours. Guided tours are organized in the summer, especially with the “Bus-Expo”.


This hysteria is most recent in other major port cities on Opal Beach. We recall that in 2015, Pangxi diverted Kallis by doing three works in the city, on the beach and near the Jungle, referring to the rule set aside for refugees. Proposed by the municipality in 2020 as part of the rediscovery of the Chloe Summer, the Chloe Street Art Festival spawned large paintings with the help of fifty local and international artists. At the beginning of the project, Kalais artist virus, its real name is Nicola Flahot. Take a look at the portrait of the Mink resident, especially by the artist Swedish owner in the Gorkain Maritime District.

This route can be found on the Tourism Office website (Here it is) And has 30 points. A map of the scale of the collection is guaranteed to be “coming soon”.

A little more, in Hots-de-France and beyond


If you follow Tower of Paris 13, House (Thul) and House Two (Charleville-Majors), you know the principle: an HLM building promised to be demolished, and urban art enthusiasts set up a crazy plan to graffiti it all over. In Abeyville, with the transition, the “medieval break of urban art”, a building with twenty apartments has been redesigned, all rooms from floor to ceiling, inside and outside, up to the bathrooms. This, they are most submerged, we find immersed in the atmospheres: the seashore, the gangster milestone, the forest at dusk. All techniques and styles are mentioned. When the building is demolished, it will begin on January 16th and end on June 27th. Due to health conditions, the start date has been postponed (follow On the project website, On Facebook And On Instagram).

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In total, the 2,500 m2 building will be available for 1, Rs des Tills (District of the Rising Sun). Free admission, free financial participation.


Photo Start

: This is not a tag around the event (see Law Page Facebook).

: 25 paintings, scattered throughout the city, by artist C215, or Christian Guimi. The map is available at the Tourist Office.

: Rimbaud Course (Download Here).

Ostende (B)
: Crystal Ship Festival (Download Here).

Agent (B)
: Sorry No Sorry Of course (Download Here)