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Single player or multiplayer?  Choice Xbox - Nerd 4. Life can be up

Single player or multiplayer? Choice Xbox – Nerd 4. Life can be up

We’ve been talking a lot lately Fall, RPG Saga of Bethesda. We first discovered that the development team was looking for a new server engineer, then head of sports services Xbox He quietly said that the company is operating in this series. It is always possible that everything is related to Fall 76, but fans can not help, but hope that a new episode will come.

Then the more natural question is: does Bethesda want to continue online, or does it want to return to a more classic structure? Single player? However, to answer this question, we must first note that there is now another rooster in the poultry cooperative: Microsoft.

Yes, company Redmond He said Bethesda and other Genimax studios enjoy some degree of freedom, but this is a statement to the public, confirming that different teams are constantly developing popular games. But Bethesda is now part of a larger whole, and needs to find its own place. We are talking about Bethesda, not a small team, but they will have to deal with different goals than in the past.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders

What are we talking about? In Game The Boss. Microsoft is currently adding “simply” value to the service, with a series of deals with third parties and indie developers, one after the other of the best games. Sure, all of this comes at a cost, but it’s not comparable to developing an entire game. Although some of the third-party video games included in the service may have been ignored by the public, Microsoft would have lost a small portion of the investment, but it would not be a big deal in the midst of the huge investment.

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However, in some years, GamePass will no longer be a mix of third-party and “old” ones Jiochi first party. On a regular basis, let’s take a look at the internal games coming from the Xbox Game Studios T1. This has already happened (for example, with Gears 5 and Microsoft Flight Simulator), but it will happen more often in the future.

It really is kind of Netflix (Not with the same amount of exclusions, of course, we are talking about very different media). But what is the great power of Netlix? Various. A service like Game Boss will make sure to attract as many players as possible and give everyone something interesting. Along with older brother The Elder Scrolls and newborn Starfield (who is a pure single player based on what Todd Howard said) Pallwood can come into the game, doubling in multiplayer to ensure a diversified set. Content.

Fall It has already moved in that direction and, historically, is the most sensitive IP (Fallout 3, now believed to be the “real fall” along with the new Vegas, caused a stir as it revolutionized the style of previous episodes).

Also, one should not forget that an online game – with a game as a game structure (who said it was a sea of ​​thieves?) – is suitable for subscription services like Game Pass because it motivates the player to continue using the service. (In version Ultimate, Among other things, because gold is also needed to play online on the console). Therefore, Bethesda can say far less than we think in this matter, at least on this particular topic.

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The Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls Online

Also, don’t see this as an opportunity to regret it. Elder Scrolls Online is a very high quality game and similar work, but built on IP Fall It will be a pleasure to really play. Another strength is the economic security that Microsoft guarantees, which guarantees the release of an entire game, not initial access under a false name.

Or not. Microsoft wants to release a classic game that will help attract historians and get a lot of positive publicity. However, Microsoft and GamePass will be central to determining how Bethesda’s future games will be developed and beyond. What do you think about this? What kind of game do you like?