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Free registration certificates for the municipality (without revenue stamp): How to request them

Free registration certificates for the municipality (without revenue stamp): How to request them

Henceforth, Download Digital Personal Certificates Sarah Free, But not for everyone Municipalities of Italy. The Simplicity Order, approved on May 28, 2021, establishes when the above certificates are issued electronically from the platformNational Register of Residents, In which they joined More than 7,500 Italian municipalities, There are no costs to be paid to the citizen Trademark (From € 16.00) or i Administration fee.

An important innovation is the cost to pay, until the municipality requests those registration certificates that are useful for different situations. From € 16.00 to 20.00. From now on, but only for those who download online from the exclusive site, the functionality will be absolutely Free.

So let’s see How to get free family status, Or a Birth certificate o D Wedding.

Personal Certifications: Simplification What DL Establishes

As expected, the simplicity order introducesExclude Required costs Issuance of digital personal certificates, How could it be Family status o D Residency. This only applies to those who do it onlineNational Register of Residents; This, in fact, excludes the citizens of those municipalities, more than 300, who have not yet joined the ANPR.

In this regard, you can download below the complete list of people you have not yet joined and do not even mention the date on which they want to do so.

List of municipalities not in ANPR
Click here to download a list of municipalities that do not currently join ANPR, for which the function described below is not available.

How To Download Personal Certificates For Free

It is important to mention it first Free for personal certificates We will have to wait for it to come into effect Simplification Order, For which the publication of the text in the Official Gazette is still awaited.

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Once this change takes effect, it will be much easier to download the above certificates for free. Connect with the websiteNational Register of Residents, Then access the private area using one of the following tools:

  • National Service Charter (CNS);
  • Electronic ID card;
  • SPID.

At this point, once approved, you can view, download and print your personal data (e.g. your personal details, your family structure, your birth certificate details) and request Self-certificates instead of personal certificates. However, this is only possible if you have entered your municipal registry.

In detail, from the home page “Access your personal data“In the section dedicated to searching, you will find personal information about your account here:

  • Birth
  • marital status
  • Citizenship
  • Registered family
  • Residency
  • Balance in life

At this point, by clicking on “Print self-certificate“You can download the self-declaration confirming the data on the platform. So, now, There is no function for issuing personal certificates, Family status, etc., but only the alternative notice of certificates.

The simplification order should be issued free of charge to those who install it, and it is necessary to wait for the appropriate functionality to be implemented on the ANPR operating system.