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Samsung galaxy s21ultra posterioriore

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is already offered in all genres in the media world

Sales of the series have just begun Samsung Galaxy S21, Offered by Asian manufacturer only A week ago, And the first very interesting discounts have already arrived. To propose them is a well-known electronic chain Media World, Which discounts full range of products with plenty of color and memory variations.

Discounts are already good, up to 50 euros per hour, as only 24 hours have passed since the start of marketing Samsung Galaxy S21 For 70/80 euros Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Passes the 60 euro discount Samsung Galaxy S21 +. For those who have not already decided on interesting cuts can help buy new products right now, especially after seeing our review of the “basic” model.

As we said, both versions of the three smartphones are in the ad, 128GB or 256GB internal memory, each with different colors. The 512GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has also been discounted, for which the drop will reach 80 euros.

At Media World, you can also find a large selection of original and third-party cards to keep your new jewelry safe from accidental falls, scratches and bumps. So let’s look at the prices charged Media World For the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

The links we propose to you are related to specific colors, but obviously there are many more to choose from. Find everything Presented by Media World For the Galaxy S21 series including covers available by visiting the link below.

Samsung Galaxy S21 offer in Media World