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Creedfall PS5 version is now available for download

Creedfall PS5 version is now available for download

Greed PS5

The PlayStation 5 version of Creedfall is now available on the PS Store, meaning those who have already purchased the game can catch it Free upgrade from PS4 to PS5 Currently. Unfortunately B.S. The version cannot be upgraded to the PS5 version. If you do not qualify for the free upgrade, you can choose to purchase the base version for version 29.99 / 34.99 or get the new gold version included in the new extension for € 34.99 / 39.99. DLC only costs 79 5.79 / 6.99, so you save a little money.

As a reminder, the de Vespe conspiracy expansion introduces “an infamous conspiracy that threatens the balance of power.” Explore a still unknown part of the island and fight with strange new beasts and confront a vicious new division in your hunt to uncover the truth. The new area you can explore is called Idok ol Greedov, where you will discover new enemies, weapons and costumes.

We also have some details on which PS5 modes you can choose from. Standard mode runs at 30fps using 4f resolution, while performance mode selects 1440p at 60fps. The user interface will be in 4K.

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