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Find Elpland by train and rental bike

Find Elpland by train and rental bike

Kundula Bloul is excited about the new offer. “Moritzburg now has a self-sufficient rental system,” said Moritzburg GmbH-KLM, managing director of the community-owned cultural landscape. Although visitors to the community have already been able to rent bicycles in the village, “but only by booking in advance or at the opening hours of the Moritzburg Information Center.” It is powered by KLM.

The new provider of rental bicycles – Dresner Miadon GmbH – has been operating its state-of-the-art bike sharing system in the state capital since last year and now wants to expand the offer to the surrounding area. Many places in Elbland are discussed.

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“Last summer we were asked several times about rental stations in the Dresden area, especially in Moritzburg. So, we are very pleased to be opening the first two locations in the Saxon Elbond with the Moritzburg Cultural Landscape,” said Daniel Fordak, one of the company’s two managing directors.

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Two Moritzburg stations are conveniently located for tourists: one at the Fort Car Park and the other at the Lenitschrunden station. So it doesn’t matter if you come to Moritzburg by car, bus or steam train – bicycles can be reached quickly. What is more important: it is possible to get a loan at any time without much effort.

“All you need is a smartphone and our own application,” says Dirk Fischer, other managing director of MietOn GmbH. The app can be easily downloaded using the QR code or at the station “Then a short, one-time registration is required before selecting the desired bike with the app and making payments online by credit card or PayPal,” says Daniel Fardak. The bike’s lock can be unlocked via Bluetooth.

In Moritzburg, eight bikes will initially be available at both stations. Mainly female models, but some especially for men. They all have a seven-speed gear center and a 28-inch wheelbase. Trekking bikes and e-bikes in the future are to be added soon. The latter, however, is not the case this year. The sturdy handle basket fitted with all wheels is also practical.

“Currently, quotas can be selected up to four times,” says Dirk Fischer. Four hours of use costs six euros and six hours nine euros. The fee is 13 euros for 24 hours, 19 euros for two days and 27 euros for three days. Daniel Farduk adds: “During the season, higher fees will be added.”

What is special compared to some other rental methods is that it is station based. Bicycles simply cannot be parked anywhere, but must be brought back to a MeetOne station. “This is very important to us, so bikes don’t stop everywhere in the village or on the terrain,” says Kundula Blull.

What if someone doesn’t stick to it? “Stations are determined by Geofence, i.e. with GPS coordinates,” explains Daniel Fordak. “Rent can only be completed in use. Otherwise it continues. “

The network of stations should be expanded as quickly as possible so that users can do as much as possible with rental bikes. For example, Altkatschenproda and Radepool-Ostil, Kasvik and Weinbahla should also follow. “This is our turn in Rெdberg, and a station will open in May at Schlosskoff in Perbistorb.” Two more are planned.

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If you wish, you can use a mitra between Moritzburg and Meissen before Easter. If you want to be on the safe side, you can book one or more bikes at the desired starting point at any time.

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