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Buildings Have Feelings Too!

Feelings for buildings are high! Appears in three different versions – ntower

Have you ever wondered if buildings have feelings too? The blockchain was also questioned by the development team at Sports and Sports Feelings for buildings are high! Initially created it Digital version im March For that Nintendo Switch, Via Steam for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch follow May This year one Trade version As well as a Collector’s Edition From Signature version, You can order in advance now.

Just because buildings can’t talk, doesn’t mean they can’t have worries, desires and even friends. This is especially noticeable when the old shipyard, also known as the Old Beat, is torn down and then taken off its course. The textile factory receives fewer and fewer orders and does not have to do the same as the year before the warehouse. You take on the role of the Halfway Hotel, trying to figure out the reasons why its friends are missing. Feelings for buildings are high! A Very special building gameBecause each building can walk and talk with other buildings. Try to rebuild the city along with the hotel and it will prosper again soon.

© Game / Signature version integration

The Trade version Feelings through buildings are high! You can already do that 34.99 Euro Arise when Collector’s Edition With
49.99 Euro to record. However, in addition to the game, it has
The original soundtrack on CD, One Title deed With the signatures of the developers, two Exclusive needles, Etc. Three postcards With different scenes of the game, it was inspired by the northern Irish city of Belfast. If you are fast, you can be even stronger Finite currency Obtained in matching format.

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Do you like to create games and have a lot of passion for buildings! Can you get down to your wishlist?