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Nintendo is said to have blocked the recently leaked remake

Nintendo is said to have blocked the recently leaked remake

It was only in 1997 that the Nintendo 64 players joined the FPS genre of new life-breathing game after many years in the doom. Considered to be the best title for a home console: Golden Eye 007. This work, featuring James Bond, represents millions of people around the world, and is rarely created. A studio that had a good relationship with Nintendo as the creator of many cult games on Japanese consoles: Donkey Kong Country, Pancho-Kasui, Conger’s Worst Fur Day … Recently, Golden I talks about him again.

A remake scheduled for 2007 reappeared on the web, Was unfortunately canceled.

Rare items

According to Ars Technica, This is Nintendo Itself This will be the beginning of this cancellation.

Nintendo behind the death of the Golden Eye remake?

Anyway, it reveals the rarity and especially Rose Parivar who worked on the Golden Eye remake. Suffice it to say that his word is enough, the version of the story is enough to be true. When Nintendo was offered the Golden Eye remake, “ Everyone agreed “Unfortunately, Nintendo.” Not asking the only important person of this kind .

As Rose Bury recalls, this person simply said: ” Outside of the question of releasing the Nintendo game on the Microsoft console “Note that the Golden Eye remake is reserved for the Xbox 360.

To those who believe this cancellation decision was made by Nintendo’s president, Rose Barry notes that it is not. However, it will be A big name in a Japanese company, can bury a project that started. But the cancellation of Golden on the Xbox 360 comes as no surprise as Nintendo tends to tighten its grip on business. Its exclusions occur only exceptionally in competitions.

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If the rare long-term collaboration with Nintendo, the latter is already owned by Microsoft. Nintendo has enough reason to cancel Golden on the Xbox 360, Regardless of his goodwill with the British studio.