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505 Game Editorial Euden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroes

505 Game Editorial Euden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroes

Ioden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroes Kickstarter is a smash hit that grossed over $ 4.5 million.

That funding includes a release for Nintendo fans, but we still don’t know which site it will be on (for the buzz they said was the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo’s next console). Either way, Nintendo fans will get a chance to enjoy the game. Although the release of the game is still a long way off (2022), we now know who will be editing. 505 games have confirmed that they have chosen the title, so the distribution now depends on them. Studio Manager Yoshithaka Murayama shared a few words about the release deal:

“We have dreamed for many years to create a game for fans of the genre that celebrates everything we love and learns as game designers. Our team expects to work with 505 games to bring the Iodine Chronicle to as many fans as possible around the world.

The Iodine Chronicle is a throwback to the classic role-playing games that have delighted millions of people, and is a modern and captivating story of discovery and adventure with hundreds of fully realized characters. Considering their success and history with topics like Bloodstain and Death Stranding, we believe we have the right partner in 505 Games, thanks to the strong personal relationships we have built with the people there ”.