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Fans reset new game for Nintendo 64!

An attractive feature of the world of video games is the community of its fans. Among them are groups of “retro-adventurers” who, like archaeologists, dig into the past in search of precious monuments, and nowadays find amazing discoveries such as prototypes and documents of never-created games. Possible collaborations never work, or sometimes prototypes of projects that were started and never completed for various reasons are more or less working.

Posted by News Fan community of Nintendo consoles, Illusion Forest, It had an unpublished title for the historic Nintendo 64. This is the Dinosaur Planet, created by Rare, which you will never see except in a different form many years later.

Forest of Illusion bought the game code from a Swedish collector: Creation dated December 2000, and This game has all the air to be a 3D action-adventure in the style of other Nintendo titles of this era, They were very popular: the console’s two computer vendors actually Mario64 e The Legend of Zelda: Occarina of Time. The cause of the disruption is not known, but the panel explains that Shigeru Miyamoto himself ordered the eviction and replacement of the Star Fox owner’s title: Based on Dinosaur Planet, in short, Star Fox Adventures was created, a title was released in 2002 on GameCube!

Architectural restoration work is not without flaws, with inevitable graphics bugs and sluggishness, yet the title works perfectly, as demonstrated by this game video released by Digital Foundry’s John Lynneman:

Findings like these justify and encourage the initiative of such fans, thanks to whose commitment in video game history can bring to light lesser known or forgotten chapters!

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