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Another line of fighting with the EX layer is annoncé sur Nintendo Switch

Another line of fighting with the EX layer is annoncé sur Nintendo Switch

Another game, when it was released, was not possible on the Nintendo Switch, which, by the magic of defeat on other platforms, would finally arrive on our hybrid console.Akira is developing another line fighting X-layer for the Nintendo Switch announced during the Japan Fight Game Publishers Circle. The game will launch in 2021, and we’ll get more info on April 1st (a sign?).

The famous EX franchise is back!

After a long wait, the favorite EX franchise for all fighting game fans is back!

Beautiful graphics for the characters

Kyrie, Scallomania, Blair, Grass and many more! A total of 15 classic characters, updated with beautiful new designs. Check out the rebirth of the EX franchise and its sophisticated graphics!

The new “Kouki” system is important during competitions

By fulfilling certain conditions during the fight, the character gains incredible new abilities: “Kouki”! Kouki creates a set called a “deck”. There are 15 different Google sites, try them all!
Try different combinations of characters and sites and find the combination that best suits your style!

Two types of commands

You can use two different types of controls: “Advanced” controls that do not require complex combinations, and “classic” controls similar to those in classic fighting games.

Many game modes

There are of course online and offline versus modes to play alone, but there are also arcade mode and training mode. Renowned expert mode on EX ownership is back! Try to finish it with all the characters!

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