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Bonson von Bremenborg's adventure in Walheim and Nintendo will be just as comfortable as me?  EuroCommerce.D

Bonson von Bremenborg’s adventure in Walheim and Nintendo will be just as comfortable as me? EuroCommerce.D

“Now he does a weekly article too !?” What can I say, not just level cuts for years – -2 percent per twelve months in endurance and adventure, +5 points Learn all – as well as a creeping socialist redistribution of hair growth (from top to bottom, it should be!). There are a few perks as well. Among other things, people should listen to you when you say something. At least I can imagine our “newcomers” Ana, Judith and Melania singing a song about it in the choir.

So you do not go empty-handed, now this part, in which I want to miss as much as I can. Remember, time flies, take me where I am. Shortages are more expensive. Is there anything else? Well, I’m not fully aware that I’m not giving a damn about my name. But hey, old age and silence are one of the bonuses. At least that’s what I was told. Let’s see when it starts, my two boys (four and a half years old together) are trying to train me now.

So, do we need to?


Boy, boy, Walheim!

I can’t fault anyone who rolls their eyes when reading record reports about Wolheim. This seems like an exaggeration of the craft for the free ride. It will be tiring. But it should not obscure your view of what this game can do. First and foremost, as I wrote this week, playing Walheim is reminiscent of the devastation of our childhood.

There’s a lot of how the daylight hours, the weather changes and the subtle change in a new biome can drastically change the mood of the game in an unexpected direction.

But as I discover more and more, this is already a brilliant game that is formally surprising again and again. A sandbox in the best sense of the word, in which one rule collides with another loud noise. After an excursion into the depths of the dark woods, I built a kind of hunting lodge there, where I was able to spend the night, polish my bare weapons in a workplace, and store some things in a box I had never done before. , But I will need it later. Like minerals, things that I have to carry as useless for now.

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For a bed, however, you also need a fire, otherwise you will not sleep well in the woods of Walheim. That’s when I realized that smoking can become a health issue if you don’t confirm a draft I made myself in my first apartment due to the desire for two or three windows. This time I left a hole in the roof, not even directly on top of it, because I was like “rain and everything”, right? What happened? The wind picked up, suddenly coming from the south and pushing the rain into such a sloping position that it entered the fire directly through the offset opening in the ceiling and expelled it.

Elsewhere, while building a moat for my home from the sea – including a trap for attackers – I gradually dug a wet grave myself. The wind hit the waves one meter high and it blew through the abyss, causing me to lose my grip on the ground. I ended up in my own hole. After some failed attempts to “skirm” me to the edge, I had to realize that the only place I could climb outside was now guarded by two wild boars. I may want to take revenge for the dozen conspiracies that have come down to my spit since the game started. They had to get revenge: soaking, freezing, intolerant and already crumbling well from sinking, the horrible twisting animals made me work short. Robert Bharatiya is poor, without wealth and crown.

No, it’s not an N64 – it’s fog coming from the sea in the morning. How the weather system and effects interact is changed by the cooler.

The fight against a gigantic giant after a lifetime, on the other hand, is more appropriate to destroy a forest without any ax swinging, as if a blue beast had been thrown. The domino effect was to bring one fir tree to another as it fell on each other – and in the process killed a group of gray dwarves who threatened to destroy my deforestation plan by the goblin. In a nutshell: This game is full of settings that you may not even be aware of, which is a real pleasure to discover, thanks to Wolheim’s great hospitality. As long as there are no enemies nearby, you can imagine at any time, and you will find yourself in that spot when you re-enter. Parents thinking game!

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Nintendo looks good in fat – but it looks a little dull …

… Not that I can tell. Ahem. The latest Nintendo Direct paper has provided a lot: a sequel to a Zelda and another popular Nintendo series that read well at first, but Skyward Sword HD is not Wild 2’s breath or ALTTP or a connection between worlds. And Slutton 3, for all the love that really exists, is not Android. Mario golf will definitely be fun, I will not argue, and mytopia is fine, but I can not say that it was on my wish list now. I was honestly surprised to see that I had openly written the test for it. Well, August 2017 – My breastfeeding dementia must have caught on.

Where is the Bayonetta 3? Don’t get me wrong, Skyward Sword, Zelda who is at least liked by almost everyone, I am really ready to give it another chance. However, adding HD will not make you forget the Wii look. Stop Wind Walker HD, my benefit! Like Princess Twilight, time was far from grace – this is something you rarely say or say about Nintendo games.

Most of the joys were created by the Indies like Outer Wilds (my absolute and undefeated favorite game of all time – a position that X-com has held since 1994, but you don’t really have to play twice). Double-contributions such as triangular strategy. However, I do not know if the switch is the best platform for it. I love my switch and I am indebted to the new twin dad. What I don’t like is that some developers think they have to make their games work on handheld. See the image below for a horror scene. As for the triangle, I will always remember that the indirect predecessor Octopus Traveler appeared only half-thinking. Maybe this time the story will work?

Great romantic outdoor areas: The pixel effect from me – to give a face to my fears.

The switch has come in the middle of its life cycle, the faintness of the new has evaporated, and you can feel how Nintendo manages to succeed as it weighs what needs to be done next on stage. Many (worthy) new editions of Wei U works have nothing else to publish. But this is not the last live this year. You know, I’m in a bad position to judge anyone lazily. After raising the sales figures of a brand like Animal Crossing almost three times from one place to the next, Nintendo really deserves some comfort.

But seriously: it must have been a little bit of a metro …

More Notes – Week 07/2021

ContemptAvailable in a slim ten for steam – You technically call it “sick shit”. I like it now, why haven’t I pulled it off before?

Week Highlights: I have a green thumb: I actually wrote Young Dwarf Cavendish (Dwarf Banana for Non-Botanists) in my office, but now it has sprouted and the new Monstera is not dead after two days. I record it as a success. Oh, and Loop Hero, You can download a demo on Steam, it looks good enough. Good nostalgia for Amiga graphics and music and card deck-driven RPG. If it sounds awesome to you then give it a try.

Lowest point of the week: I started on Twitter. Not recommended. Please do not look for me there.

Not pretty, but alive!