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Facial ID under display?  Earlier on the iPhone 15

Facial ID under display? Earlier on the iPhone 15


RumorsFacial ID under display? Earlier on the iPhone 15

The iPhone will have to do for a long time without the Face ID under the display. The upcoming iPhone 14 Pro may come without a notch, but according to viewers, the TrueDepth camera actually takes a while to get under the glass.

Apple can deliver the iPhone 14 without the notch – well, at least the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max – but Face ID is not fully compatible with the display as a result. TrueDepth will need some more time to move the camera under the screen, at least as Ross Young recently predicted.

He is an analyst in the field of display and made an interesting forecast about the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro. He talked about the iPhone 14 Pro design like nowhere else in the smartphone world like you Can be seen here.

The Face ID under the display will last for many years

In another speech, Young did so via the SMS messaging service Twitter DistributedHe said that even before 2023 or 2024 it will definitely not be possible to enable Face ID on the Apple iPhone. As a result, with the iPhone 15 or iPhone 16 / iPhone 16 Pro, Face ID will soon be fully available under the iPhone screen.

Young correctly predicted that the MacBook Pro would feature mini-LED displays in 2021, and in this context one could offer a certain amount of reliability to his ratings. A Previous news We were told how the camera arrangement of the iPhone 14 Pro will improve in the fall.

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