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Download videos without ads

Download videos without ads

Downloading videos from the internet is always hell. Some operating systems have a one-click download button. It is necessary to use third-party tools, which are often websites filled with ads, very slow and paid software. Open Video Downloader comes with the answer to this terrible lack of useful tools for retrieving content from your favorite sites.

Open the video downloader, what is it?

Those of you with more technical interest may be familiar with the open source command line software YouTube-DL, so it should be implemented from the terminal. It is a classic little software that I have been using personally for a few years and it never surprises me with its performance, its ease of use and really its compatibility with anything and everything.

The problem is that there is simplicity in using the software only on the command line. For us, if establishing and using it is not a challenge, our grandparents with others do not need it. Therefore, it can be very difficult to recommend YouTube-DL to those around you, except those who are very patient. Also, guiding someone remotely to install the software, especially if one is using a Windows computer, can be very tricky.

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Although YouTube-DL can be installed on the Microsoft operating system, if it is installed on a Linux subsystem, it is more efficient, adding other layers of complexity.

Download the video and open the kit

But since YouTube-DL is completely open source, nothing prevents any developer from using source code and creating a graphical application, which is what it did. Jelly 2002. Open Video Downloader is actually nothing more than a GUI for YouTube-DL. So your loved ones can benefit from the speed and ease of use of the latter without tearing their hair.

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Open Video Downloader is not the only graphical version of YouTube-DL that we like because of its design and compatibility with all platforms such as Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Additionally, Open Video Downloader adds some features.

Install and open the video downloader

The installation of Open Video Downloader is similar to other software. You just have to go Official website, Click the Download button, and follow the installer on Windows, or drop the file in the Applications folder if you use a Mac. For Linux, the task is a bit complicated, but on a daily basis this site should be fully accessible to users.

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Download the video and open the installation

MacOS and Linux do not require dependencies such as installing other software. However, for Windows, make sure you have the Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 redistribution package (x86). If in doubt, download and run the installer, and if the software is already installed, it will be pointed out.

Finally, the software is not signed, Magos refuses to open it and notifies you that the developer is not recognized. Rest assured, this is not a virus alert but an indication that the developer has not officially signed up for the software. After the first run, when you see the error message, you need to go to macOS’s Security Settings and click on Open.

How To Use Open Video Downloader

In the first stream, Open Video Downloader will download the latest version from YouTube-DL. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on your Internet connection. When done, the software will be fully functional. At the time of writing, the interface is only available in English, although the comprehension is very straightforward.

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The interface is divided into three modules, the first of which allows you to enter a link to the content you want to download. The latter can be hosted on YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo or any of the other 1000 compatible operating systems. To the right of the text entry area is a button for accessing advanced settings, such as the name given to downloaded files and the ability to use a proxy. The default configuration is sufficient, so you do not have to change anything for ease of use.

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Download the video and open the interface

The second volume is your waiting list. Here you can see the progress of your downloads and the videos that will be downloaded after that. You also have the option to set the download settings for each video individually. For example, you can choose to download one video in 720p and the other in 4k only. One video can be downloaded without sound, then another with sound, and then only the sound can be extracted from one-third.

The third module allows you to start downloads, but then tell the software what to do when the download list is complete. This is a very practical feature, especially for those with a slow internet connection, and allows downloads to start at night without using much power when the task is completed.

Advantages of Open Video Downloader

Software for downloading content hosted on the Internet has been around for many years. Honestly, you do not need internet to do this, until you see some ads, there will be enough sites to download your music in mp3 format from YouTube.

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The problem with these sites and software is that they are always a bit shaky. Ads are very intrusive, to download your video to an acceptable quality, you often have to pay a premium subscription, half the time it does not work and sometimes the service will stop working for several weeks continuously.

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The competitor to all these platforms is always YouTube-DL, the simple, efficient, but command line. Although they are very easy to pick up, not everyone wants to open their terminal to download the video beast – or worse on Windows – which is completely understandable. So, Open Video Downloader comes on top of an already powerful tool called YouTube-DL, which offers a graphical interface and some original features.

Among these features is the ability to download multiple videos simultaneously, something that could theoretically be done on YouTube-DL, but not with a single click of the mouse. Likewise, it is possible to shut down your computer once the download list is complete, but it is not easy to access. Finally, the best functionality is the functionality that allows you to remove all kinds of promotional plug-ins (such as ads for VPNs and mobile games, options and requests for subscriptions) as well as introductions, bottles and final credits.

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