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Tracy unloads Conte's Pasooka.  200 billion loans have been frozen

Tracy unloads Conte’s Pasooka. 200 billion loans have been frozen

A firepower is available, best placed in a drawer. Guaranteed நிறுவன 200 billion for companies Cash Flow Order del Conte bis (read article), actually halted due to lack of enforcement order. In times of new (mini) snacks, the Drake government also postponed, the Ministry of Economy and Finance did not complete the arrangement to be anti-crisis shield. And via XX Settembre, at whose command Draghi-boy is Daniel FrancoThe question is further adjourned, citing the need for discussion with the relevant stakeholders.

This problem was put on paper in the chamber by a deputy of the 5 Star movement. Giovanni Crowe. “It definitely takes time to prepare such an order,” explains A.J. News Member of Parliament for M5S. “But in this case – he adds – it’s too long.

State assistance. But what does the law provide? Section 2 of the Act aims to ensure the continuity of credit taxes through Sace. The company provides guarantees to credit institutions, with the ability to repay up to 70% of the amount financed. Therefore, the bank bears only 30% of the risk of the loan provided, while the company may have the liquidity required to continue its business.

In short, the government will act as a guarantee to the companies, with the aim of facing the difficulties that may arise at this time, without burdening the creditors. Conte 2 is an impressive activity created by the government, but it requires Mef’s mandate to be an executive, in agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development.

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Two years have passed since the text was published. “Creates a legal vacuum – it should be noted – this rule is impractical”, reads the question filed with Montecitorio. “This is an important possibility for companies to access guarantees for long-term loans that are losing – continuing – even up to 20 years, which is essential to restructure their financial position due to the massive use of emergency loans”.

Timing Treasure. An interim response came from the Mef and the draft order was prepared accordingly. They are now reporting via XX Settembre that “technical tests are underway on certain aspects that will acknowledge the specific demands that come from the ongoing dialogue with the banking world and businesses”. Again, Franco’s Ministry states that “compliance with European rules relating to government assistance is verified, which imposes certain conditions on which guarantees for existing loans are excluded from aiding the operation of banks and, instead, ensures economic benefit.”

Grove M சிf distorts the thesis: “Prior to the approval of the Monetary Rights Order, the Conte government ended discussions in Europe to eliminate the hypothesis of state aid. There are no stains in this sense.” So why slow down? “There was a certain neglect on the part of the MEF, a bureaucratic system too late,” concludes the M5S’s deputy.