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Facebook Messenger: Secret conversations, nicknames and more

Facebook Messenger
Secret conversations, nicknames and more

Like its competitors Signal, WhatsApp and Go, Facebook Messenger offers many functions.

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Facebook Messenger was released ten years ago for smartphones. Here are some activities not known to everyone.

On August 9, 2011, Facebook released its first messaging processor for iOS and Android smartphones for the first time. For the past ten years, The Facebook Messenger A lot has changed. For the birthday of a competitor of such applications Share And Signal A brief overview of many functions may not be familiar to all users today.

Secret conversations

“Secret conversations” in Facebook Messenger are encrypted messages that are only visible to you and the person you are talking to. To start such a conversation, users must tap the pencil icon under “Chats” in the upper right, then select the “Secret” or lock icon. Now users can define who should receive the message. You can also specify when a message should delete itself under the clock icon.

Users can enable or disable auto-delete mode in chats by swiping from the bottom up. However, group chats, video and voice calls do not support this mode.

Clean again

Application users can delete conversations, photos or private messages for themselves. However, this does not mean that they will disappear from the other person at the same time. To do this, swipe left in the dialog under “Chats” and then tap the Trash can icon. Users can press and hold personal messages and photos and delete the content under “Remove” / “Remove for you”.

If a friend is annoyed, you can also turn off notifications for incoming messages. All notifications may be deactivated for the selected time under “Chats”, “Notifications and Sounds” and “Do Not Disturb” or “On”. Private conversations can be disabled, so to speak, swipe left under “Chats” and swipe with the bell icon.

Messages to friends without the App

With Facebook Messenger, users can send messages to friends or other contacts who have not installed the app on their smartphone. The other person needs a Facebook account. However, other users only see the message when they log in to Facebook.

Nicknames can also be assigned to chat with friends. All users have to do is tap the name of the chat or i-icon and then tap “Nicknames”. Each user in the chat can choose by looking at the nickname.

What to do if someone bothers me

Anyone who is harassed in any way by a particular person can stop them. Under Chats, users can tap the username and then click “Block”. Then the other person will not be able to contact you. For example, in the same menu, users can report conversations on Facebook if they are threatened or harassed. To do this, users must tap “Something Wrong”, select a category and “Send Feedback” and “Report Conversation”.


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