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Magos Bliss rediscovered the famous Windows XP wallpaper

Magos Bliss rediscovered the famous Windows XP wallpaper

« Bliss It became one of the most popular photos in the world when Microsoft chose it as the default wallpaper for Windows XP. This picture of the apple-green California mountains under the clear blue sky has always been associated with the operating system, but it did not stop the blog Basic apple hand Select it to create a new wallpaper For Apple products. Its version takes the original curves, but with the aesthetics of modern Apple wallpapers.

Against the backdrop of the original Bliss Magos Bliss (Fig Basic apple hand)

This is how he was born Magos Bliss, a curved wallpaper similar to the default for macOS Big Sur or macOS Monterey. It is offered in several versions, the base using the original colors, mostly greens and blues and the mountain is easily recognizable.

But using the modern capabilities of MacOS, the author of the wallpaper has also imagined variations for morning, evening and night. On the site, each version can be downloaded independently in 6K definition or the complete file that will be updated throughout your Mac depending on the time. This feature is available from MacOS Mojave.

Magos Bliss in Magos Montessori, here the full version and the early morning variant are automatically selected by the system.

Versions compatible with iPhones and iPods Available in every category, And the site has created a variation on rainy days, which apply to the weather this August. All of these wallpapers are free, but if you like the work of the blogger you can thank him with the donation at the bottom of the page.