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"Vaccines in Bertolazo" / "Technical and Management Skills"

“Vaccines in Bertolazo” / “Technical and Management Skills”

Via Giuseppe Conte, Almost through course Health Minister Roberto Speranza And Dominico Arguri May be close to leaving the scene with the arrival of Mario Tragi’s government: Govt Emergency Commissioner’s name has already been at the forefront of the division between the Italian Viva and the Giorgio government in recent weeks, but after much confusion over his work (Capanelli’s press investigation And judicial inquiries into masks and products) now raise many doubts about his number as members of the same health administration.

In an interview with scientific adviser Mesakero Minister Hope – Professor Walter Ricciardi – does not reduce words: “A few days ago I proposed Guido Prolaso To follow Vaccine campaign across the country? Perfect. I think we need a person with technical, scientific and managerial skills. It should be someone who only cares about the vaccine campaign“. Was a former civil defense chief at the time Selected by the Lombardy Region (Free) New Curriculum Leticia Moratti To manage the vaccination campaign at the regional level with the promise of completing the administration to Lombard citizens (approximately 10 million) by June.

Arguri did not respond to a “presentation”

The same Bertolazo has repeatedly been pointed out by the center right And as a possible name for introducing a name next to Arguri these days Drake Government, And well Italy Viva with Renzi He did not hide his desire for a Roman manager in a subtle role for the vaccine campaign. “We have to prepare, organize and consider all the parts in the Red Band, especially English. At the same time it is necessary to actively accelerate with vaccinations, we have played in the discourse to this day, and now we must be at the level of the Champions League. You need a person who does it 24 hours a day2, results Ricciardi by actually downloading Arguri.

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Another virologist on the same line, Fabrizio Bregliasco Who sentenced Omnibus this morning “There is a need to plan the vaccination campaign with civil defense methods. With a systematic and capillary action that exploits everything: hospitals, regional structures, but an organization that includes the military“. In Weekly press conference on Govt emergency progress, Dominico Arkuri was asked a specific question about his future after rumors of “torpedoing” in the eyes of the Troki government:Guido Bertolazzo in my place? I don’t answer because I don’t judge, I don’t think, but I work. I honestly don’t know what to say.

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