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Citizen Evil Village is inspired by a specific episode of Saga: What's Here - Live 4.Life

Citizen Evil Village is inspired by a specific episode of Saga: What’s Here – Live 4.Life

Peter Fabiano, producer Resident Evil Village, Recently gave an interview to the microphones of the PlayStation official magazine, precisely for the March 2021 issue. According to information already available, Fabiano has confirmed that Citizen Evil will take over the village Inspiration from one of the episodes of Saga. Which? As fans of the series have already guessed, this is about it Citizen Evil4.

Here are the producer’s words in translation: “You will notice that we have got a lot of inspiration from Citizen Evil 4. The team has worked hard to create A sense of true authenticity. There are many surprises that keep you in suspense: players need to find a balance between them Complete the battle, study and puzzle. “Does Citizen Evil Village promise to expand the formula of the fourth chapter?

It is easy to see the presence of deities on the surface Parallel Draw Citizen Evil 4e Citizen Evil Village, Starting from the organization (a rural European village) and reaching the base point of the plot (abduction of a character). It will be interesting to see if the links between the two games go further.

However, during the interview, other details are included. Lady Dimitresku, “The Vampire Tall Woman”, soon became one of the public’s favorite characters (for reasons other than what Capcom expected) and could not help Fabiano, but could not speak briefly. The woman and her three daughters are deeply connected to what is expected from vampire fantasy, but at the same time these characters were Was created to take into account the story of Saga And history of the series.

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Finally, it is explained that the idea of ​​the village was born at the end of the development of Citizen Evil 7 biohazard. “The team has it I like Ethan as a character: We know we want to continue his story curve. We wanted the players to continue to enjoy the game with his eyes. This helped us to keep the right direction. As we continue to share information between different Resident Evil groups, we believe we have achieved The best survival horror. ”

Finally, Lady Dimitrescu was inspired here.