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Elton Ring, how hard can it be?  A lot, but you have nothing to fear

Elton Ring, how hard can it be? A lot, but you have nothing to fear

Although he did not appear officially during the Tokyo Game Show 2021, Elton Ring During the show he became the protagonist of a chat Famitsu x Dengeki TGS 2021, Guests included Yasuhiro Kito, Marketing, Promotion and Production Manager for FromSoftware.

During the discussion, Kitao touched on one of the most heartfelt topics in the software community: Game Difficulty. The administrator has already confirmed the suspicion, viz The Elton Ring will be a tough game. Do not worry about anything, because it will not be in its order. This title is designed to give players a healthy feeling when they reach any goal, whether discovering a secret or knocking down a very tough opponent.

Elton Ring Provide and make Various settings to make the experience easier, The ability to call allies or stealth algorithms such as Zero Shadows are activated twice. For example, the ability to attack enemies from behind will be added to instantly destroy enemies while avoiding front attacks. In addition, they will be made available Dungeons of different difficultiesSo, players can tackle the simple ones first and gradually level up.

Kidaw also took the opportunity to thank all the players who did not forget the Elton Ring during their long absence from Katz. Remember, the game will start January 21, 2022 PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Did you see Elton Ring’s latest film celebrating collaboration between allies Did Kitto speak?